Top 5 Profitable Travel Agency Franchises in India

Kickstart your career and create wealth with these low-cost travel agency franchises in India that generate very impressive earnings.

Keep in mind to buy a franchise you don’t have to be rich per se but many times there are requirements of showing your business acumen.

Of Course, you will need some cash on hand to pay for the upfront cost.

A lot of these travel franchise companies do prefer that you have some experience in management or at least some experience in the travel industry.

Besides that keep in mind, each of these franchises has a unique operational model. 

You need to be sure that you match your skills and business goals to the appropriate franchise, particularly in these lower-cost franchises.

It’s not a restaurant where people are just walking in and buying food.

In Low-cost franchises, it’s you that are responsible for pushing the business forward.

So you need to be experienced and motivated enough.

Now if you have these skills there are some great options available.

Ease My Trip 

Ease My Trip continues to get stronger and stronger. They sell a lot of travel services that their customers love.

In the initial days of COVID19 spread, PM Narendra Modi started an initiative called “Vocal for Local”.

Now how was it relevant with Ease My Trip? 

Because it is 100 percent Indian-owned with no foreign capital invested, unlike its other counterparts.

Many top-notch celebrities started asking to support this 100 percent Indian travel portal.

You can refer to this article by Hindustan Times to know more about it by clicking here.

Now Ease My Trip is looking to expand its business overseas. 

The EasyMyTrip IPO was also a great hit.

Hence partnering with such a firm can open immense opportunities in your travel career.

EaseMyTrip requirements for franchise distribution:

  • One time setup fee of INR 24,999 + GST
  • Registered office space (can be home-based)
  • Business registration details, if any
  • Your prior business experience, if any

Know more about the EasyMYTrip franchise opportunity by clicking here.


One of the most popular travel companies in India, Yatra can be your great franchise partner.

Their brand recognition is insane. 

Truly an excellent opportunity for aspiring travel agents.

Guidance and a very successful business always turn it in your favor.

Yatra has already expanded to most parts of India, making it easy for you to have a local point of contact for all your queries.

Requirement for franchise distribution:

  • The contract is initially for 03 years
  • Investment between INR 2 lacs to 8 lacs (depending on your location) 
  • Office area of approx 300-500 sq ft
  • Visible space for brand signage
  • Passion for travel or any prior business experience

Know more about Yatra’s franchise opportunity by clicking here


An undisputed leader in the Indian travel industry, MakeMyTrip is the biggest travel company in the country.

The MMT-Goibibo merger proved to be a game-changer.

MakeMyTrip is a big name now. 

Every Indian searches for hotels, vacations, or flights on their website.

Thanks to their very creative advertising campaigns featuring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity of joining MMT, as it is actively looking for enterprising individuals who are passionate about the travel industry.

Though MMT has few stringent selection criteria, you can surely impress them with your business acumen and love for travel.

Requirement for franchise distribution:

  • Investment of INR 7 lacs to 25 lacs (depending upon your location)
  • The 03-year term of the agreement
  • Office area of 250-400 sq ft in small towns, while 400-600 sq ft in tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 cities.
  • Great location (preferably on a high street or main road facing)
  • Provision of placing a glow signboard which is highly visible from the main road
  • Power backup
  • Good business track record or prior experience in the travel business
  • Leadership traits or proven management capabilities

Know more about the MakeMyTrip franchise opportunity by clicking here.


The oldest company in this category.

SOTC is one of the most popular travel package sellers in the world. And is renowned for its exceptional services within travel franchising.

Frequently recognized for excellence, SOTC offers robust marketing options for all its franchises.

SOTC is also recognized for its high-level training to its newly appointed franchisees.

If you are looking for a futuristic business with a traditional touch, SOTC is the one that you should choose.

Requirements for franchise distribution:

  • Investment of INR 10 Lacs to 30 Lacs (depending on the location)
  • Good business track record or prior experience in the travel business
  • Business registration
  • Great location of the office

Know more about the SOTC franchise opportunity by clicking here.

Happy Miles

An offbeat in this list, Happy Miles is an educational travel company.

With offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Surat, Goa, and Bangalore, Happy Miles is spreading in the other parts of the country with its franchise model. 

If you have a passion for the educational travel niche, you should look nowhere.

Happy Miles offers different levels of commitment for new franchise members and extensive training for new franchisees to ensure their long-term success with the brand.

A great opportunity for those who are looking for specialized services as an offering.

Requirements for franchise distribution:

  • An initial investment of INR 10 lacs to 15 lacs
  • Office area of 200-250 sq ft.
  • Business acumen or prior experience in the travel business.
  • Experience in the educational sector will be favorable.

Know more about the Happy Miles franchise opportunity by clicking here.

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