Top 5 High Paying Best Travel Affiliate Programs in India

Know about extremely popular and best travel affiliate programs in India that pay anywhere from 2% to 70% in commissions for your travel content and marketing efforts.

People spend a lot of money traveling.

There is so much money in travel and you can be a part of it as a marketer which is really exciting.

You will be surprised that most of the big travel companies are also affiliate marketers like goibibo,, Expedia, and more.

Most of these websites you come across in the market are mostly running on affiliate business models, which is really surprising to know.

Makemytrip doesn’t own any planes, Goibibo doesn’t own any hotels.

They just connect customers with airline and hotel offerings.

And they make commissions while doing so.

Hence there is a lot of money in travel and there are really big companies that generate millions of dollars through this model.

So the simplest definition of affiliate marketing is promoting a product or service you didn’t create. If anyone makes a purchase of that product or service through your affiliate or referral link, you make a commission. 

If you want to get started as an affiliate marketer, you can simply join this list of companies below and earn your profit share.

But before entering into this business make sure you have a presence online.

You must have any web property i.e. blog, website, or a social media page.

Without these, you can’t make anything out of it.

Some affiliate programs allow you to enter even if you recently started your blog or website with zero or very little traffic.

In most cases, affiliate program companies scrutinize your application manually and visit your blog or content, so as to make sure your content aligns with their terms.

So, if you want to help people travel the world and also make some money for yourself. 

OR if you want to travel the world and talk about it…

Then these are the options below which will get you monetized by just talking and sharing your experiences. Affiliate Program

If you want to get started as an affiliate marketer, will give you huge profit margins if your web traffic converts.

This website pays you whooping up to 25 to 40% commissions every month through PayPal.

You can earn by diverting your web traffic to which is known as the world’s biggest online travel company offering hotels, flights, attractions, and car rentals.

With over 01 million room bookings every single day, this website offers various tools to help you out in terms of promotions.

They offer banner ads, search boxes, WordPress plugin, deals finder, and more tools that you can use to promote their offerings.

Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

Tripadvisor is a great company to be an affiliate for. 

A whopping 50% is their standard commission!

Tripadvisor is a very popular and trusted website known for its local reviews and offers experiences, restaurants, and hotel bookings.

Now the most exciting thing about joining Tripadvisor is that you will earn a little commission even if your diverted traffic doesn’t book any hotel.

Tripadvisor works with AWIN and CJ affiliates. You can sign up for free on these websites and get your TripAdvisor affiliate program rolling.

Travelpayouts Affiliate Program

Not familiar with this name?

Travelpayouts is the biggest travel affiliate network in the world!

It offers more than 70 travel affiliate programs in a single window.

The most important benefit is that you can apply and check all the associated brands right on a single screen.

To name a few, Travelpayouts have TUI, Trivago, Viator, blabla car,, Agoda, Get Your Guide,, Tourradar, Oyo Hotels, Klook, Tripadvisor, and many more in their list.

So don’t have to really look anywhere else when you sign up with Travelpayouts.

You can earn anywhere up to 70% with Travelpayouts while embedding their FREE advanced promotional tools like White label, Widgets, API, SDK, Banners, and standard links.

Admitad Multi Affiliate Program

Admitad is one more way to get all of your affiliate programs in one place.

After signing up with Admitad, you will have access to multiple advertisers all in one place.

Now, this is different from Travelpayouts, as it’s not restricted to travel affiliates only.

You can utilize other affiliates also with Admitad to monetize your content.

Admitad has thousands of affiliate programs on its list.

But the most important travel-related affiliates on their website according to the Indian market are Makemytrip, Cleartrip, Vistara, Goibibo, Happyeasygo, Marriott,, and more.

OYO Circle Affiliate Program

A little stringent in their partner selection, OYO seeks partners who have sizable traffic and unique content.

With OYO, you can get anywhere between 3 to 6.5% commission by fulfilling their booking criteria.

OYO is now a big brand and operates a whooping 8,50,000 rooms in the world!

Their smart tools for their affiliate partners will get you going in no time.


All right, so how exactly can you start earning these high-ticket commissions in the travel niche?

Well, one of the best ways to go about doing it is by creating a niche website.

It’s just a good long-term strategy to earn commissions.

Obviously, you are not going to earn until you have sizable traffic on your created content.

So by creating a niche website which is essentially a niche blog, you can bring in free traffic because you are writing excellent content for a targeted audience.

And that free traffic can turn into sales.

So get some ideas, create high-level content on your blog that brings in traffic who may be very interested in the products that you are going to recommend.

Good Luck!

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