SECRET Tips On Choosing Travel Agency Business Name + FREE TOOLS

Searching for the top tips on choosing and deciding the best travel agency business name?

We know It’s really hard to find such a name.

The reality today is that because of domain names and social media handles, finding a suitable travel agency business name has really been harder.

Not only do you have to come up with a great idea for a name but you also have to find a great idea that is AVAILABLE!.

We know the frustration that this causes.

You spent a lot of time brainstorming names and then typing them into domain finder only to realize they were taken years ago.

And this is true for most great names these days.

After getting frustrated, you refer to various guides on how to choose a perfect name only to find there are a lot of rules for naming a business.

And already frustrated, you get confused too.

But don’t worry. 

Although great names can do some amazing things for your business that can help you get noticed.

But at the end of the day with superior execution of your day-to-day business, a really great name is not going to make or break your company.

If your idea and execution are really great, a mediocre name will also do just fine for you.

So without any more lectures, let’s guide you with the best way of choosing a great name for your travel agency business.

credit: Igor International

Before you try to name your travel company, the best resource that we can recommend on naming is the GUIDE BY IGOR INTERNATIONAL.

Igor International is a great company and they charge a hell of a lot of money for naming. 

But don’t worry their guide is absolutely FREE!

They have put a guide to naming based on the kind of work they do to find for their big-money clients.

Take a look by clicking here.

After you go through their step-by-step guide, the big question is how do you come up with all of the different potential names for your specific travel agency business?


STEP 1: Brainstorm and collect those words that seem interesting to you whether it is related to your business or not.

STEP 2: List a lot of different words that you think have potential. You can also combine them to see if something comes up. Don’t rush this process, take your time.

STEP 3: Instead of going on different social media and domain finders, try using this tool called NAMECHK.

NAMECHK will let you type in your chosen word and it will show you across all the different social media services where your name is available and where it is not.

It also helps you find out which domain extension (like .com, .in, .co) is available.

STEP 4: For checking if your domain or some variant of your domain is available, you can use a tool like the DOMAINR

The idea is that you can simply type in your domain and DOMAINR will show you if that specific domain is available but it will also give you some ideas about alternatives to that name that you could use.

Now we think you get the idea of how these tools and resources can make your name searching process faster.

The bottom line is that while naming is an important aspect, it will not make or break your idea and execution.

And even after a lot of searching if you still can’t find your name, then you can certainly switch to another domain extension other than Dotcom.

Or else you can also add a modifier word with your chosen name.

The same could be done with your social media handles also.

It is not ideal but how much time you can afford to spend on naming as you have other things to do with your business as well.

Pick the word that stands out with a couple of weeks of work and move on.

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Grow Your Travel Business

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