How to Join Top Travel Tourism Trade Associations In India – TAAI & IATO

Boost your visibility in the tourism industry by seizing the opportunity to join the top travel tourism trade association in India.

What’s the biggest benefit of joining a travel tourism trade associations like TAAI & IATO?

Yes, the networking opportunities.

There are thousands of travel industry professionals associated with these associations.

Your business will sound more professional in the travel industry by being a member of these organizations.

You will be seen as a trusted organization, hence increasing your overall credibility.

This will certainly help you discover various opportunities for your business.

Travel Tourism Trade Associations

Now, what’s the actual work of these organizations?

  • Conducting regular training programs
  • Promoting the highest standard of professionalism
  • Conducting events and roadshows
  • Getting you global exposure
  • To safeguard the interest of its members
  • Negotiations and deliberations with industry stakeholders
  • Interaction with tourism fraternity
  • Access to the latest information within the travel industry
  • Participation in trade events
  • Maintaining a national level forum to address the issues
  • A lot of networking opportunities

Now let’s know about their joining requirements?

TAAI (Travel Agents Association of India)

If you are already an IATA member then you should go for their Active or Associate membership.

And if not, then you choose their Allied membership.

In both cases, you must have recognition from the department of tourism, the government of India.

Their Active membership costs INR 14,160 while associating and allied membership costs INR 7080 for the first year, as it includes the admission fees also.

From next year onwards your fees become half.

You will have to submit the following documents while applying:

  • Approval from the Ministry of Tourism, GOI
  • IATA approval letter, if applicable
  • Memorandum of articles
  • Shop Act license
  • Latest financial audited documents
  • Or any other document they may ask.

Click here to apply for TAAI membership

IATO (Indian Association of Tour Operators)

If your firm is at least 02 years old and has foreign exchange earnings of at least INR 20 lakh in a year, you should choose its active membership.

Otherwise, you can choose to be an allied member if you have achieved at least INR 10 lakh turnover in your last financial year.

You must be recognized by the ministry of tourism before you apply for any of these memberships.

The membership fee for active members is INR 18975, while for allied members it’s INR 18400 for the very first year of joining.

From the second year onwards, fees become INR 6500+ taxes for Active members and INR 6000+ taxes for Allied members.

Documents need to be submitted for IATO membership:

  • Approval from the Tourism Department, Govt. of India
  • IATA, if applicable
  • GST registration
  • Latest financial audited documents
  • Or any other document they may ask.

Click here to apply for IATO membership

IMPORTANT: Apart from TAAI & IATO, there are several other travel trade associations in India which you can join as per your business requirements.

Also, various other travel trade associations are state-based that you can find on google.

Here are some popular ones apart from TAAI and IATO (click them to know more about their membership).

ADTOI (Association of Domestic Tour Operators Of India)

ATOAI (Adventure Tour Operators Association Of India)

ATTOI (Association of Tourism Trade Organizations)

OTOAI (Outbound Tour Operators Association Of India)

TAFI (Travel Agents Federation Of India)

ETAA (Enterprising Travel Agent’s Association)

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