5 Best Online B2B Travel Agency Portals In India + PRO TIP

Boost your business with the most successful online b2b travel agency portals of India that offer instant quotations, worldwide travel inventory, smooth bookings, and much more.

Your love for travel has led you to this industry. 

We understand that starting a new travel business can be tough. Finding clients and understanding suppliers are just the beginning.

Searching for and finding the perfect Online B2B travel agency portal to support your travel business is a major step towards achieving your goals. 

There are literally about fifty Online B2B travel agency portals that run the gamut from poor to excellent in regards to their offerings, commissions, support, technology, and more.

Hence to help you find the best of the best, here’s the list of top online B2B travel agency portals in the Indian travel industry.

Each one is unique and this article will help you learn more about each of their particular offerings, benefits, and programs.

So here we go…

Travel Boutique Online

TBO is known for being one of the travel industry’s most innovative brands and continues to be recognized as the best Online B2B travel agency portal by World Travel Awards.

Travel Boutique Online has a long-standing reputation for providing unmatched resources and services to thousands of travel companies including Thomas Cook, Ixigo, Happyeasygo.com to name a few.

Clearly the most successful B2B travel portal in India.

TBO is the best and most comprehensive travel agency operating system that includes integrated booking engines, agency business support resources, performance reports, and more.

Committed to the success of travel professionals, TBO offers LIVE support seven days a week with quality that’s second to none. 

TBO boasts of having 70,000+ travel agents associated with them. 

Apart from the regular B2B booking portal, TBO offers white label solutions, hotel and flight APIs, travel apps, and dynamic packages. Know more about Travel Boutique Online here

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MyPartner by MakeMyTrip

Probably the most user-friendly interface than any other B2B travel portal available in India.

Latest in this list, MyPartner by Makemytrip offers great discounts on hotels and flights when compared with counterparts.

Though not equipped with a complete travel agent solution right now, the rates it’s offering on hotels are very competitive and will help you to thrive in the exciting world of travel.

Managing and modifying the bookings are super easy with this B2B travel portal.

It has the technology to create all your branding and client communication with your specific brand.

Moreover, they have a very cool feature of sharing the shortlisted options directly via WhatsApp. Know more about Mypartner by Makemytrip.

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Launched in 2018, this travel startup has generated serious waves in the B2B travel industry.

More of a host travel agency, TravClan is the most suitable B2B travel partner for the newcomers. 

TravClan encourages self-branding and offers WhatsApp integrated websites, free marketing material, and payment solutions that no other B2B travel portal offers.

You get eye-catching templates, social media posts, flyers, and more.

But the biggest offering that differentiates them from the crowd is their payment safety option. They hold the supplier’s payment till the tour ends, ensuring stress-free experiences. 

If you are new to the travel industry, Travclan gives you the tools, training, and marketing to hit the ground running in your new career. Know more about TravClan

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In over 14 years of operations, Rezlive has been honored with countless industry awards and has grown to become one of the largest and most profitable B2B travel agencies in South Asia and the Middle East. 

Rezlive is the trusted home for serious travel advisers. They are a highly respected online B2B travel agency that has been supporting travel advisors for many years. 

They have a great number of hotels on their list and offer great prices compared to other websites.

Rezlive offers B2B travel discounts, Hotel API in its biggest offerings. Know more about Rezlive.

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TSI Yatra

When travel agents join TSI yatra, they quickly evolve into competitive travel professionals with their cutting-edge booking solutions.

This easy-to-use booking platform offers great negotiated rates.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the industry or have been working in the industry for several years, TSI Yatra has tools, resources, and support available to you to grow beyond your business.

TSI Yatra caters to wholesalers, retailers, travel businesses, and corporate travel clients. Know more about TSI Yatra

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PRO-TIP: Always use multiple B2B travel portals as the rates always happen to be different on each of the websites. It’s because of using different suppliers, company policy, or any technical reason.
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